I am Michael Ehling.

I help leaders go from successful to a very satisfying “Whoa! Now we’re talking.”

My specialty is coaching. I do transformational, strategic, and tactical coaching of leaders and their teams.

Here’s my approach:

  • understand quickly your work- and life projects,
  • listen and ask good questions,
  • help you see and step through once-useful beliefs,
  • help you see and go beyond your current talents,
  • refuse to go along with any stories that limit you,
  • bring unconditional belief in you (and your team),
  • slow things down to get more done,
  • prod, call BS, and hold you accountable to what you’ve agreed, and
  • give you tools, models, and approaches based on decades of experience, learning, successes, and failures.

I have over 20 years of coaching & consulting experience and have helped hundreds of leaders in many sectors and industries.

It is hard to explain coaching but easy to experience it. Please accept my offer of the Leader’s Gift. We will tackle something important to you. You will walk away with clarity and a plan.